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Well that ended my study phase

I guess it’s about time that I updated the site and clarified what’s been going on with me and around me.

The work I was doing for that University course never got completed and got recorded as a Fail. I went through several weeks of on-again off-again pain and the Tramadol taken with the Lyrica blew my concentration out the window. At times the sedation was affecting me so much that I would fall asleep every 30 minutes or so and if I was reading I’d forget what was the last sentence that I had read.

Even though I was given extra time, by July I had told the school and Open Universities that it simply wasn’t working out and to take me off their lists.

Since then I’ve focused on just getting through the day and doing as little as possible that might upset my arms and caused me to hit the painkillers again. Every now and then I find that I’ve been unsuccessful, the pain comes, I take the painkillers, I lose a day in a haze.

I’m still a little active, I still do chores around the house, at least the chores that I can do without causing the problems to exacerbate. At present I’m volunteering each weekend at the local hospital where I act as a patient guide providing information and physical guidance to help visitors get around the hospital. It is a lot of fun and the physical activity, I walk miles during a shift, it is very good for me and I feel better inside and out for doing the work.

So back to this site. I intend to keep it going.  It will cover the kinds of things that I’m doing or things I might want to add a comment about or events and activities that I get involved in.It will expand to cover other aspects of my life such as my Model Railway hobbies.

I hope I am able to keep a regular posting schedule but that depends on too many factors for me to say it’s going to happen like that.

I thank you for hanging around while all of this circus was taking place in my life and I hope in the future I can find more interesting things to share with you.


Site is now being marked – Updated 2/06/13

This site has been submitted for marking as an Assignment in my Web Communications Unit with Curtin University. As part of the Course Requirements the site is now locked down so that it can be marked. I am not allowed to make any updates or other changes to the site until the marks have all been confirmed. That might take 2 or 3 weeks so until then hang in there and check back from time to time. Soon as I get clearance I will update the site.

Until then, cheers for now.


As I have been so off the planet with the changeover of painkillers I have not been able to complete and submit my final assignments. All Assignments are to be marked together as a special arrangement for me so if you are waiting for more news from me, sorry. Oh, the  new drugs are called Lyrica and they seem to offer a pretty good life for me once they stabilise. So, just waiting for a day when I am coherent and the screen looks recognisable to me so that I can try to complete the other Assignments. Stay cool. See you later.

Update 2:

Another update: Because of the relapse and continuing side effects of the injury and the painkillers, I was given extra time to complete the other required elements but have not been able to do so. I have therefore requested that this Unit be marked at Unfinished and whatever marks gained be locked in. I have also requested evaluation of this site and the supporting elements to give me some idea of the marks that I have achieved for the work that I have done. Until that marking is done and the information is provided I will still remain hands off from here to allow the marking to cover the work done within the Unit timeframe.

I have not forgotten this site and I fully intend to fire it up as soon as that becomes possible.

Until then, thanks for looking by and take care of your selves till we meet again.

Listen to me Write!

I am doing an Open University Australia Course on Web Communications.

The problem is that this is going to require a lot of writing and keyboarding. I don’t have that opportunity other than a little bit here a little bit there, anything requiring a decent amount of wordage such as the essays that are still coming, will have to be dictated using Dragon naturally speaking.

Although I have been using voice recognition tools on and off for quite a number of years I have not used Dragon on a regular basis for probably four or five years and now I have to get back into the swing of things. I’m using dragon 12 professional and so far it does seem to be picking up most of what I say although it’s not real good on where I want a capital and sometimes it completely goes and loses the plot.

Such as this morning while trying to finish off my first assignment I tried to use the word no one/Nolan/no/no no no no. It just doesn’t seem to get that I want to have it use the word known. Like I had to just now, I had to go into correct mode and then into spell mode simply to get to understand the word I was trying to say.

Generally speaking this will recognise my words straight out of the box without much practice, the better I get speaking with it the better it will get recognising the kind of words I use the more accurate will be my dictation.

In the past people have said to me, “if you’re going to go in and correct it why bother dictating it?” It’s a simple law of numbers if I can get it to tight for me approximately 97% of the words that I wanted to say then I may have to change perhaps 3% of them that still works out to about 95+ percent of the words that I haven’t had to type. With my disability that adds up to do I have pain at the end of it or do I not have pain.

Dragon naturally speaking has wide capabilities. It is supposed to have been able to help me navigate the web. It is supposed to be able to help me do many different tasks that I might otherwise use keyboard and mouse with. Chances are that I eventually will learn how to do these things for now just getting it to do the text is a big step ahead.

This blog is intended to be an irregular discussion on my progress in learning Dragon and conversely in how well Dragon is able to learn me.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have any comments or advice I’d be very happy to hear them.

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