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Time out for bad behavior

Took today off. Can’t study in pain, been doing too much mousing around. Trying to do research but Dragon not cooperative.

Found how to use the Mousegrid tool. It puts a 9 box grid up and you call the number of the box that has your button you want to click. It then provides a smaller grid to gradually isolate the button. When it is focused on that button you simply say “click”.  How can this be efficient?
Dragon doesn’t want to accept commands as much today, kept calling them text and opening the dictation window GGRRRRRR!

Maybe tomorrow, if the pain has gone I can get some work done. So far behind which just added to the stress which enhances the pain in a vicious circle. Painkillers make me groggy which stops use of the computer. Round and round we go …
Saturday is a big Australia Day for me, my daughter (12) go to community breakfast and Citizenship Ceremony then in the afternoon we will be in the city joining thousands of others in the Multicultural Parade down Adelaide’s King William St.  We’re walking as part of the local Japanese community, I in my red Matsuri Happi coat, she will be in young girl’s kimono or the lighter weight yukata.
Happy Australia Day to all my readers.

Sunday I fly to Canberra to attend Linux Australia conference. Will post more on that later.

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