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Trackballing instead of mousing


Kensington Orbit Wireless trackball from the Kensington web site

I have a new photo of me to go up on this site, the old one was a quick shot from my web cam. Problem is that I need to run it through Photo Impact to take out the distracting background. That means manipulating the cursor to mark the edges to be cut out. That means lots of mousing.

The mouse triggers off pain if I do too much moving around so I have a Kensington track ball that is much easier, I still can make the movements but there isn’t any additional squeezing task associated with the movement hence less pain.
Normal squeezing to hold the mouse creates what is called static loading to the muscles so the trackball only needs muscle action to shift and position the cursor so there is no static loading, only micro-movements.

RSI is very similar in symptoms to fibromyalgia except fibro affects the lining covering the muscles, RSI is a series of micro tears to the muscle fibre bundles themselves.

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