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old dragon 4.02 Australian

old dragon 4.02 Australian by ilox101
old dragon 4.02 Australian, a photo by ilox101 on Flickr.

This was one of the first of the Dragons to have a specific Australian language file. From memory it worked pretty well but it became easier to just not do as much typing then to persist in getting it to recognise what I was saying.
From memory I bought this back in 1999/2000 when I was trying to do an IT degree at Uni of SA. I got into problems trying to get it to do coding and I was also under a lot of pressure from the studies and some ^##% lecturers. This led to a complete physical collapse and me dropping out of the courses as the fight between the drugs and the pain left little ability to do any clear thinking and studying.
It was in 1999 that Centrelink accepted my Disability as long-term and put me on the pension.


old IBM voice systems

old IBM voice systems by ilox101
old IBM voice systems, a photo by ilox101 on Flickr.

These were given to me around 1995 by Les Legge, an old friend from the days of the CompuServe Pacific Forum. At the time Les was high up in IBM and also Editor of the Everyday Electronics magazines.
These programs were both fun to work with but recognition rates were poor mostly because of low system resources available at the time.

Listen to me Write!

I am doing an Open University Australia Course on Web Communications.

The problem is that this is going to require a lot of writing and keyboarding. I don’t have that opportunity other than a little bit here a little bit there, anything requiring a decent amount of wordage such as the essays that are still coming, will have to be dictated using Dragon naturally speaking.

Although I have been using voice recognition tools on and off for quite a number of years I have not used Dragon on a regular basis for probably four or five years and now I have to get back into the swing of things. I’m using dragon 12 professional and so far it does seem to be picking up most of what I say although it’s not real good on where I want a capital and sometimes it completely goes and loses the plot.

Such as this morning while trying to finish off my first assignment I tried to use the word no one/Nolan/no/no no no no. It just doesn’t seem to get that I want to have it use the word known. Like I had to just now, I had to go into correct mode and then into spell mode simply to get to understand the word I was trying to say.

Generally speaking this will recognise my words straight out of the box without much practice, the better I get speaking with it the better it will get recognising the kind of words I use the more accurate will be my dictation.

In the past people have said to me, “if you’re going to go in and correct it why bother dictating it?” It’s a simple law of numbers if I can get it to tight for me approximately 97% of the words that I wanted to say then I may have to change perhaps 3% of them that still works out to about 95+ percent of the words that I haven’t had to type. With my disability that adds up to do I have pain at the end of it or do I not have pain.

Dragon naturally speaking has wide capabilities. It is supposed to have been able to help me navigate the web. It is supposed to be able to help me do many different tasks that I might otherwise use keyboard and mouse with. Chances are that I eventually will learn how to do these things for now just getting it to do the text is a big step ahead.

This blog is intended to be an irregular discussion on my progress in learning Dragon and conversely in how well Dragon is able to learn me.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have any comments or advice I’d be very happy to hear them.

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