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Still trying to tame that Dragon

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Not been around for a while, time and health have not been conducive. Dragon is running on the Desktop but I have spent about 2 or 3 months trying to rebuild the office and so been working off the little ASUS EEE 1000H.

That beastie now runs Windows 7 and Deepin Linux (1). Deepin Linux is not a reference to what I am normally ‘Deep in’ rather it is a version of Linux developed in Mainland China. It is a great Linux, very fast and responsive and a really pleasant look-and-feel to the interface. Anyway, I have been trying to make it my main system at least until I can get my office back and get back to using the Desktop PC again. I have been working the last few days to get some speech recognition going under the Linux as my arms are simply not handling the keyboard activity too well.

There is a great utility for Linux called Wine which is a Windows emulator, it makes Windows programs think they are running in a Windows environment. I even managed to get it installed and then get Dragon 12 installed. So far so good he thinks. Then I was able to apply the Dragon Service Pack which brought it up to version 12.5. Great he thought.

Worked fine yesterday for some simple dictation. Tonight was horrid in comparison. Dragon has somehow lost the ability to select text, make corrections, do anything other than do the typing of what it thinks you want to say. Deep Sigh.

Back to the drawing board and now looking for Linux-based alternative speech recognition programs. There are some out there but none are anywhere near the sophistication of Dragon on Windows or Mac.

More news if I ever can track these things down, get them installed and trained and working. In fact that will be great news for me.

Till then friends and listeners, thanks for sticking with me and hopefully I can get back to being a bit more regular in my updates.

(1) Deepin Linux can be found at their Home page:



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