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Site is now being marked – Updated 2/06/13

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This site has been submitted for marking as an Assignment in my Web Communications Unit with Curtin University. As part of the Course Requirements the site is now locked down so that it can be marked. I am not allowed to make any updates or other changes to the site until the marks have all been confirmed. That might take 2 or 3 weeks so until then hang in there and check back from time to time. Soon as I get clearance I will update the site.

Until then, cheers for now.


As I have been so off the planet with the changeover of painkillers I have not been able to complete and submit my final assignments. All Assignments are to be marked together as a special arrangement for me so if you are waiting for more news from me, sorry. Oh, the  new drugs are called Lyrica and they seem to offer a pretty good life for me once they stabilise. So, just waiting for a day when I am coherent and the screen looks recognisable to me so that I can try to complete the other Assignments. Stay cool. See you later.

Update 2:

Another update: Because of the relapse and continuing side effects of the injury and the painkillers, I was given extra time to complete the other required elements but have not been able to do so. I have therefore requested that this Unit be marked at Unfinished and whatever marks gained be locked in. I have also requested evaluation of this site and the supporting elements to give me some idea of the marks that I have achieved for the work that I have done. Until that marking is done and the information is provided I will still remain hands off from here to allow the marking to cover the work done within the Unit timeframe.

I have not forgotten this site and I fully intend to fire it up as soon as that becomes possible.

Until then, thanks for looking by and take care of your selves till we meet again.


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