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Update on the Dragon Demonstration saga

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Well I did manage to get CamStudio working and I did finally get it all fine-tuned to where I was able to record an AVI format video showing a short demonstration of Dragon at work.

I uploaded it to YouTube – took an hour! When I looked at the resulting video it was ALL Slanted at 45 degrees off level! Something has gone wrong in the transfer and I probably need to convert the AVI down to another format. More research needed. It will happen. It may not be successful for another few weeks.



  1. Glenn Gabriel says:

    Not sure what happened to your video.

    I’m not sure why you saved the CamStudio movie as an AVI. Perhaps you have an older version of CamStudio? I have one of the more current versions which once you click on, File->Produce and Share, I simply select from the drop down box, “Share to YouTube, give it my YouTube account information and, it uploads automatically. I’ve never experienced your problem.

    Don’t know quite what to say about it. I hope it’s not due to your Codec somehow.

    I’m sorry, but at the moment, all I can do is wish you luck.

    By the way, should you get the problem solved, please let me know for my own knowledge. Shoot me an email to


  2. ilox101 says:

    Thanks for info Glenn. I am running CamStudio 2.6 R294 downloaded direct from their web site, doesn’t have any option to do anything with YouTube. The File tab only lets me Record, Pause, Stop and Exit.
    To be able to format it and upload it would be a real bonus for me.

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